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Driveways and Walkways

Driveways and walkways can be functional, decorative, or both. We specialize in a variety of applications, including stone, concrete, pavers, gravel, and more. We will enhance your property’s curb appeal and value with our high-quality designs and installation.


Stone or flagstone is a popular walkway material. It has a smooth surface that is easy to walk on. Stone walkways can be configured in many different ways and laid down permanently in cement, or semi-permanently in gravel and grass. 

Walkway project by Man of the Soil


Paver installation is a popular option for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor living spaces. We offer a variety of paver options to fit your needs. Some of the most popular paver types include brick, concrete, and natural stone. We offer expert paver installation services for a variety of outdoor living spaces, including patios, walkways, and driveways.


Concrete slab driveways, walkways, and paths are popular choices for residential and commercial buildings due to their numerous benefits. They are long-lasting, durable, require minimal maintenance, and can endure heavy loads.


Gravel driveways and paths have a range of benefits. Many choose gravel due to its cost-effectiveness, durability, and easy maintenance.

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Driveways can add beauty and character to your home. Man of the Soil offers design and construction services to create and install the best-looking driveway for your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gravel, concrete and pavers are all good choices. For many homeowners, the main consideration is the overall cost. The material and labor of installing the driveway materials can vary, depending on the type and size of the installation. However, cost isn’t the only factor to evaluate. Depending on the where the home is located, some types of driveway materials may be better suited and easier to maintain.

Natural stone is suitable to either hot and dry climates to cold and humid environments. It adapts to a wide range of climate changes. Natural stone includes Granite, Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Sandstone, and more.